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Le Klint

An impressive list of competent and well-reputed designers and architects have designed LE KLINT shades and lamps throughout the years. There is no doubt that this is one of the explanations why LE KLINT-lamps are considered “modern classics”.

Growing up in Danmark I naturally grew up with Le Klint, the hand folded pendant lights and lamp shades created by a number of the best designers and architects in the country. It was hard to find a home that did not at least have one Le Klint lamp over a breakfast table, next to a favorite reading chair or illuminating a dark hallway.
With earlier models made of paper that gracefully yellowed with age the Le Klint shades of today are made from a color stabilized white PVC which is completely washable and anti-static.
I especially enjoy the "washable" part. Since the shade clips onto  the cord it's a snap to remove it and if neccessary hose it off over the bath tub.

-Lette Birn, owner of Form + Function

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