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FLOS: Zeppelin

Flos Zeppelin

The Zeppelin Chandelier, designed by Marcel Wanders for Italian lighting company FLOS is always stunning and fits so many different applications.
I saw it in a sophisticated department store in Munich last week and took this photo.
A fine web of resin wraps a large chandelier in its own cocoon and creates a unique effect.


Affordable Contemporary Lighting

Affordable Contemporary Lighting

At Form + Function we want to show that contemporary lighting can be affordable.We offer hundreds of wall sconces, pendant lights, outdoor lighting starting at under $50.

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Form + Function is 25!

Form + Function is 25!

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Flos Zeppelin

Flos Zeppelin

Flos Zeppelin

After having seen lots of photos of the Flos Zeppelin chandelier I finally saw it for real in a beautiful lighting store in Munich. It was a Wow experience and I HAD to take pictures!

It is a huge chandelier that asks for space to show off its ghostly, fairytale presence.

A fine web of resin creates a cocoon covering a white powder coated internal chandelier.
A faceted crystal globe located at the bottom of the cocoon of Zeppelin adds unexpected sparkle.

Designed by Marcel Wanders in 2005.


Brera by Flos

The Brera Pendant Light by Flos LightingOk, so there are people, who take photos of castles and wildlife on their trips, I get carried away with – light fixtures. I walk into a store or a restaurant and just have to take pictures! Munich was a paradise for me. Great lighting EVERYWHERE.

This cafe in Munich had a row of one of my favorite pendant lights over the counter: The Brera pendant light.

Shaped like an Ostrich egg  the Brera pendant light from Flos takes its name from an altar piece by Piero della Francesca from the Pinoteca di Brera in Milan. The egg hanging over the virgin Mary’s head is probably the most famous egg in the entire European art history.

Achille Castiglione designed the Brera family of lights that includes a pendant, a wall light, and three floor lamps  in 1992 when he was 74 and still fully active in his  creative career.

The Brera does not just stand out for its name. It is a beautiful classic piece with a strong presence. It has an  acid-etched opaline glass diffuser that distributes the light in a very even manner.

The top diffuser support  has its own unique profile that lends a graceful quality to the overall design.  The casually draped cord adds its own charm to the Brera Suspension.

This design masterpiece was designed by Achille Castiglione in 1992 and has found its home in many residences, offices , restaurants – and cafes all over the world.
Brera Egg

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