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Dining Area via Skona Hem

I love to cook, eat, and especially share a meal with friends and family.

Sitting down at a dining table after a long day (working or playing) is just such a pleasure.

Today I sat down and wanted to write about all the practical aspects of dining room lighting. Measurements and numbers etc. All good stuff. But when I went to look for photos I REALLY got sidetracked.
After hours of pouring over wonderful images of various dining areas I realized that there were SO many places I would feel at home and would really enjoy lingering.

A mix of Warehouse Shade Pendants in a cozy Kitchen

I personally lean towards  contemporary design, but enjoy all kinds of spaces.
A traditional dining room with perfect place settings can be such a treat – with the right company and good food!
And that’s just it!  It’s all about personal style, expressing ourselves and embracing different styles when we come across them. Good food, friends and good company.

I’ll therefore share a bunch of fabulous photos of dining areas in between all the dry facts.

Dining room with Ingo Maurer Zettel'z Pendants

In our showroom we so often get  questions like how large a chandelier to choose for the dining area or how high to hang it over the table. (Answers: Diameter 12″ less than the width of table.  The bottom of chandelier should be 30″ above table.)

In most cases the chandelier is hung way too high, probably with the thought in mind that it could then help illuminate the entire room. Wrong!

Beautiful sunny dining room via CGS Design Build

The bottom of chandelier should be approximately 30″ above the table.

With a chandelier hung too high  and no additional lighting the overall ambiance of the dining room  is more of a diner or fast food restaurant, less conducive to lingering.

Do keep in mind that all these rules of thumb I am presenting are really just that –  ”Rules of Thumb”.  They are not set in stone. There are quite a few factors that determine the right fixture size and hanging height, like the space, the size of the table, the diameter and height of the fixture, as well as the height of the ceiling.

This said -

A dining room chandelier generally should measure 6 -12″ less in diameter than the width of table.
Makes sense: You don’t want to hit your head on it or feel crowded.

The diameter of the chandelier in inches should at least equal the room diameter in feet.
(Well, just thought you’d like to know…. )

For ceilings nine feet or higher consider a multi-tier style chandelier  to fill the space .


Flos Mod30 Chandelier, striking and elegant

Thinking back to meals I have thoroughly enjoyed over the last months, there were cozy gatherings at friends’, a few nice restaurants , several business lunches and dinners. I ALWAYS look at lighting, when I am in a room (No, It’s not a crick in my neck!)  because it amazes me, how lighting affects the mood and general well-being. Without an exception, the places with the best lighting had the best food!


More »

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Luceplan Hope Pendant

The Hope pendant light  by Luceplan has won the prestigious red dot design award 2010 in the product design category.
The award ceremony took place on July 5, 2010 in the spectacular venue Opera House designed by Alvar Aalto in Essen (2010 European Capital of Culture).
Designed by Francisco Gomez Paz and Paolo Rizzatto, Hope was selected by a jury of international experts for its high technological content, innovation, and spotless formal styling. This award boasts considerable international impact. During the 2010 edition of the red dot award, designers and firms from 57 nations worldwide participated; 4252 products were presented overall.
This truly represents a worldwide success for a product that, as soon as it made its debut on the market, a little less than one year ago, immediately met with extraordinary critical and public praise.
Ultra-lightweight and easy to assemble – fruit of a brilliant design and production project – Hope evokes the magic of traditional crystal chandeliers through a modern interpretation that makes use of contemporary materials.

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Ingo Maurer Showroom, Munich, Germany

Ingo Maurer Showroom, Munich, Germany

Entering an inspiring space: The Munich Showroom of Ingo Maurer.
Just spent some time working on the hotos I took in  the Studio of Ingo Maurer in Munich.
Every time I look at them I smile and feel good.
This is design I enjoy: creative, fun, fascinating, surprising, beautiful and functional.

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Ingo Maurer Oh Mei Ma White

Ingo Maurer Oh Mei Ma White

Contemporary lighting is generally characterized by simple, clean lines and an overall uncluttered look.
Being the style of the present, contemporary design is, however, dynamic and constantly evolving and allows room for lots of
creative ideas of the moment. Contemporary lighting is therefore a lot different today than it was 50 years ago when modernism
was in its infancy and there was a clear focus on pure functionalism.
Today we see a vibrant mix of creative ideas in contemporary lighting that reach from urban chic to industrial functionalism,
Tuscan charm to stark minimalism.
Contrasts are welcome. We see stainless steel paired with crystals, handmade paper with concrete and other eclectic mixes
of textures and materials.
Track lighting and recessed lighting are frequently used to light a room in contemporary style, accompanied by individual "Wow"
pieces like a contemporary chandelier with a sculptural presence or a striking floor lamp.

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New from Artemide: Aqua Sil

Artemide Aqua Sil Table Lamp

Artemide Aqua Sil Table Lamp

It’s obvious where Ross Lovegrove got his inspiration for the unique Aqua Sil series of lamps and ceiling lights he designed for Artemide.
Resembling ripples of water on a quiet lake  the highly reflective surface seems to react to the colors of the surroundings, picking up hues of colors around it.

The Aqua Sil table lamp is more than just a workhorse. It’s a work of art, a piece to fall in love with.

“Lovegrove’s specialty is in qualifying the present moment in design, rather than restyling the past, by employing new technologies with new materials to define new shapes.”

New York Times

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Affordable Contemporary Lighting

Affordable Contemporary Lighting

At Form + Function we want to show that contemporary lighting can be affordable.We offer hundreds of wall sconces, pendant lights, outdoor lighting starting at under $50.

Click on the images to enter our online showroom for some great prices and discounts.

Form + Function is 25!

Form + Function is 25!

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Skygarden pendants in hotel lobby

Skygarden pendants in hotel lobby

Hotel Palazzo Zichy, Budapest sets the best stage possible to show off the beauty of these over-sized pendant lights designed by Marcel Wanders for FLOS.
They are gorgeous!!!
I had seen them in showrooms, but this was the first time up close and personal.  The combination of the  liquid-paint black exterior and the fabulously  decorated matte plaster interior was stunning. Especially beautiful was the manner the light bulb is concealed.

This hotel, where we were fortunate to spend four nights was such a treat for the eye: a beautifully restored private Palazzo that must have been practically gutted then restored lovingly with attention to every detail.
Great, great lights everywhere. I was in heaven and couldn’t stop taking photos.
It is located really conveniently close to everything. We walked from  there through streets lined with small outdoor cafes and restaurants to the center of town, the Danube river and across the bridge to the castle.

Budapest is a beautiful city, full of history and much more vibrant than I had expected.  This will definitely not be our last visit! – and we know where to stay! It was not only the lights and the architecture that intrigued me, but the service, which was so warm and friendly.

Hotel Palazzo Zichy

Hotel Palazzo Zichy

Skygarden from FLOS

Skygarden from FLOS

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Access Lighting Wall Light 20300

Access Lighting Wall Light 20300

Looking for an affordable,  contemporary wall light with an industrial flair,  the Poseidon wall sconce  (20300)  by Access Lighting is an obvious choice. With a price tag of $72 it has a lot to offer: good looks, quality, sturdiness and the straight-forward choice of  incandescent lamping, which of course allows you to use energy saving outdoor CFLs.
We sell a LOTS of these outdoor lights and have yet to see one returned! Incredible, but true!
It’s available in black, Satin Nickel, White and “Stone”. It’s rated for outdoor use, but can of course be used indoors as well.
I recently saw a whole row of them in white used in a spa. They actually looked very elegant in the serene surroundings.

We have dealt with Access Lighting for quite a number of years.
Access Lighting offers a wide range of affordable lighting choices from outdoor wall sconces to halogen floor lamps and sleek, contemporary desk lamps. Their emphasis is on contemporary lighting in a surprisingly affordable price range.

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Ron Rezek

Ron-RezekRon Rezek is one of the leading American product designers.
His state-of-the-art lighting as well as his ceiling fans show wonderful simplicity  paired with unique design and perfect functionality.
At Form + Function we have had the privilege of being able to surround ourselves with Rezek  pieces, lighting as well as ceiling fans for many years, well, decades. We started buying from Ron Rezek Lighting in the mid 80′s and added modern ceiling fans as soon as they became available.

What strikes me about Ron’s designs is that they are contemporary, yet timeless. In our showroom I am constantly changing things around and so many fixtures have a certain life span after which they feel dated. We have gone through waves of different styles, colors and designs that were the rave. But the good old classics by Ron Rezek have a quiet staying power firmly rooted in their good looks, superb quality and simple, straightforward design. More »

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Zettelz Chandelier by Ingo MaurerChandeliers come in many shapes and sizes, and even though I usually prefer  contemporary design there is just something about a decorative chandelier laden with glass droplets or crystals that is so festive and romantic that it’s irresistible.

Not to say that chandeliers by nature have to be traditional. Many contemporary designers like Phillippe Starck and Ingo Maurer have created their own exuberant interpretations of the traditional chandelier.

Just look at the Zettelz by Ingo Maurer: Slips  of Japanese paper- some printed, some blank – attached by paper clips to thin wires entice you to participate and add your own thoughts.

We have one hanging in our showroom that our customers have added to. They just felt like it, had to.

Notes in Spanish, Danish, German…..

Love it!!

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