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Mason Jar Lantern

Looking for inexpensive, yet festive party lights? These mason jar lanterns might be the ticket.

These warm evenings invite us to linger outdoors and there is nothing more attractive I think than the glow from live fire or candlelight.
I came across these mason jar lanterns on Re-Nest, one of my favorite blogs. Easy to make (my kind of project!) and they really work, spreading a cozy, flickering light while cutting down on the fire hazard of a completely exposed flame.
(Living in New Mexico, where the largest wildfire in history is gobbling up new acres by the minute, this is a real point to consider.)


DIY Woven Wood Veneer Pendant

Another inspiring DIY lighting project found on the site Poppytalk. Like it a lot, but I’d definitely try to hide the staples a bit, like at the very top of the pendant. Otherwise my kind of project: Quick and easy.


Whirl-It String Pendant

I have seen a few ways of making this elegant and intriguing pendant light.
This “Whirl-It” pendant ¬†from the Norwegian site Pickles is a bit oval shaped since they used an oversized balloon. For a perfectly round shape an exercise ball works great.


DYI Wire Globe Pendant Light

I love the Random Light by Moooi and usually I cringe when I see all kinds of knock-offs, but this is just such a fun project, and kind of just “inspired” by the real thing.

Find the instructions on Curbly