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Oh, I love that light!!

5W LED, how bright is that, like in Watt?

In our showroom we constantly get questions like that about the new LED lamping. Understandably so, since it’s a totally new concept for all of us.

Here are some watts-to-lumens equivalents for light bulbs:

  • To replace a 100-watt incandescent bulb, look for a bulb that gives you about 1600 lumens.
  • To replace a 75-watt incandescent bulb, look for a bulb that gives you about 1100 lumens.
  • To replace a 60-watt incandescent bulb, look for a bulb that gives you about 800 lumens.
  • To replace a 40-watt incandescent bulb, look for a bulb that gives you about 450 lumens.
  • (Courtesy of American Lighting Association)

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Plumen, the CFL with a difference

At the January Dallas Market this squiggly CFL was to be seem in several showrooms: Tech Lighting and LBL both embraced the Plumen.
Not only fun and different, the Plumen CFL produces the equivalent of 55-watt , and therefore reduces energy consumption by 80% while providing 8,000 hours of light.

At Form + Function we are adding them to our site within the next few days and we can’t wait to use them all over our showroom. We’ll definitely post pictures!

They will retail for $29.95 and will be included with some fixtures as an added bonus.

We are also adding the wonderful (and unfortunately energy-guzzling) vintage bulbs.

If you can’t wait to order either one of the two, please contact us and we’ll take care of you!

As a lot of you know, at Form + Function we specialize in odd and unusual – and common – bulbs of all shapes and sizes.


WAC Lighting Bullet LED Pendant

Sleek and streamlined, the Bullet mini-pendant light from WAC has a shade conical shade made entirely out of spun metal.

It uses an energy-saving 5W LED lamp and puts out an amazing amount of light for that small amount of energy consumption,  directed towards the surface below..

The Bullet pendant compements many decors from industrial to cutting-edge contemporary.

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Conventional and LED bulbsA recent article in Daily Tech shows that increased lighting efficiency will not cause decline in energy Production.
Replacing the Edison lightbulb with solid-state light-emitting devices (LEDs) made sense considering that many lighting developers thought it would reduce electrical usage worldwide. However, a new study argues that increased lighting efficiency  will not cause a decline in electricity  production because people will just use more of it, keeping the amount of electrical usage steady.

It is often thought that a decrease in electrical usage worldwide would add to the “green” cause by reducing the number of power plants. But according to Jeff Tsao, the leader of the study and an LED researcher from Sandia National Laboratories, people will only use more electricity when presented with cheaper lighting. He also noted that this has been a pattern over recent centuries, dating as far back as A.D. 1700 as humanity moved from candle to oil to gas to electricity. The study claims that light use has remained “a constant fraction of per capita gross domestic product” as different, newer types of lighting came about.

“Over the past three centuries, according to well-accepted studies from a range of sources, the world has spent about 0.72 percent of the world’s per capita gross domestic product on artificial lighting,” said Tsao. This is so for England in 1700, in the underdeveloped world not on the grid and in the developed world using the most advanced lighting technologies . There may be little reason to expect a different future response from our species.”

According to Tsao, there is a good side to this. With better artificial illumination, Tsao says it will increase human productivity because light in the workspace , especially in the shorter days of winter, increases creativity and awareness. Also, better lighting helps aid those who have vision loss.

“Morefuel-efficient  cars don’t necessarily mean we drive less; we may drive more,” said Jerry Simmons, coauthor of the paper and also a researcher from Sandia National Laboratories. “It’s a tension between supply and demand. So, improvements in light-efficient technologies may not be enough to affect energy shortages and climate change. Enlightened policy decisions may be necessary to partner with the technologies to have big impacts.”

On the other hand, there are concerns with light pollution from too much light. But Tsao mentioned that the new solid-state lighting is digitally controlled more precisely in space and time, and would allow humans to preserve darkness when necessary.

The study was published in the Journal of Physics D just this month. Other contributing authors of the paper include Harry Saunders of Decision Processes Inc., Randy Creighton and Mike Coltrin, both from Sandia National Laboratories.

Varaluz Fascination Chandelier

Varaluz Fascination Chandelier

This striking pendant light by Varaluz is made almost entirely of recycled materials:
A hand forged frame holds circles of varying sizes filled with  recycled glass discs that reflect the light in a unique way.
All of the steel used in the iron in the fixtures is 70% or greater recycled content. .
Recycling glass uses less energy than manufacturing glass from sand, lime and soda. Every ton of recycled glass saves 315 kilograms (or about 695 pounds) of carbon dioxide.

Varaluz Rainy Night

Varaluz Rainy Night

“We loved sudden thunderstorms while growing up. There’s nothing quite so relaxing as seeing and hearing rain pelt against the window panes and on the tin roof (rusted!).”
This was the inspiration for the designers from Varaluz. The result is a charming pendant light with a unique organic touch.

To recreate the impressions of beads of rain upon a window,  the glass of this unique island light by Varaluz is hand-pressed . The Rainy Night finish is made from streaking an eggplant-black glaze over silver.

“At Varaluz we believe lighting should not only be interesting, but sustainable. For instance, most of our fixtures use steel that has 70% or greater recycled content, and glass that is 100% recycled. We use reclaimed materials in our glass and shades.”


Soji Outdoor Lantern

Soji Outdoor Lantern

I know, I know, it is a blatant copy of one of my favorite Le Klint lamps, but nevertheless – it’s a really neat garden light.
Modern design meets sustainable solar for the ultimate in elegant outdoor lighting.  Created in a layered wave-like form, Soji Modern lanterns are unique, portable, efficient and will never require stringing of unsightly electrical wires. Creating the effect of a solar powered chandelier the Soji Modern lantern will turn itself on at dusk to cast a stunning golden glow night after night.

Soji Outdoor Solar Lantern

Soji Outdoor Solar Lantern


aurora Light String

Light strings can be more than Christmas lights!

The hand-crafted Aurora Glow string lights are beautiful wrapped amidst the greenery of an arbor, archway, tree or deck railing.
Perfect for an outdoor room or beneath an umbrella! Equipped with a photo light sensor, the lights will turn themselves on at dusk and off at dawn. Totally sustainable, hang beautiful Aurora Glow string lights once and enjoy their artisan glow every night!


Luceplan Solarbud

All over our neighborhood I see solar path lights sprouting like mushrooms.

I love the concept of solar lights (after all we have lived in a passive solar adobe house for the last 30 years), but I cringe when I see most of  them since the light is so poor.

Most homeowners buy kits of multiple little solar lights since it is cheap and convenient. Makes total sense.
The problem is just that the solar collectors are tiny, too and they can’t really give off much light at all. And the light is a cold, blue-ish light.

Since the sola concept  really intrigues me (and I am in the lighting business) I put some of Luceplan’s Solar Buds in our front yard. Amazing!!! They really produce enough light for our path. The light is beautiful AND the fixtures look really, really nice.
But at $171 a pop they are not a cheap date!

SolarBud needs no electric wiring because it is powered by a battery recharged by sunlight. With exactly the right brightness, it picks out paths, tracks, swimming pool edges, doorways etc, that would otherwise be hard to recognize in the dark.

The solar energy, collected by a polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic cell, powers two rechargeable nickel cadmium batteries. After sunset, they can yield the energy accumulated from the sun to spontaneously turn on the high efficiency leds. The duration of the light when fully charged is between 13 and 15 hours. The sun exposure time necessary to reload the energy expended after 13 hours of lighting is about 5 hours.


Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK – Perfect for outdoor accent and display lighting applications, WAC Lighting introduces the energy saving INIVISILED™ Classic 24-volt Outdoor system of LED tape lights.
The outdoor series is the newest addition to the firm’s popular, award-winning INVISILED™ family.
WAC Lighting, a leading manufacturer and designer of track, recessed, undercabinet, monorail and decorative lighting, develops nearly all of its responsible products in the family owned, ISO 9001-certified manufacturing campus with in-house UL approved testing labs.

The unique INVISILED™ Tape Light System is ideal for upscale residential, hospitality, retail and commercial markets. It provides flexible, easy-to-install accent lighting solutions for a broad range of layouts and applications including decks, steps, ponds, fountains, pools, architectural accents and landscapes. The fixtures are IP-68 rated for submersion in water up to five feet in depth, as well as UL and CUL Listed for wet locations.

Using state of the art LED technology, the energy efficient LED tape delivers a crisp, quality light while using only 2 watts per-foot. Flexible and easy to install, INVISILED™ Classic 24-volt Outdoor offers an extremely low profile and is virtually invisible with a 1/8th of an inch thickness and 1/2 of an inch width. Long life LEDs (light emitting diodes) perform up to 50,000 hours and are spaced evenly one-inch apart. Each INVISILED™ strip can be mounted with screw-based clips for easy installation and ideal for customizing lighting designs to meet the exact specifications of each project.

LED tape is available in one-, five- and 10-foot sections that are field cuttable every two inches or may also be cut to length at the end of a run. INVISILED™ is crafted in a silicon casing for long-lasting durability but still flexible enough to negotiate curves effortlessly.

INVISILED™ CLASSIC Outdoor System is offered in Amber, Blue, Green, Red and White colors. It is offered with WAC’s five-year product warranty.

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