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Born and raised in Denmark, married to a German, living in sunny New Mexico I have enjoyed getting closely familiar with several cultures . I had a teacher' degree when we moved here from Germany 27 years ago, but while building our own house (a passive solar adobe home) we just couldn't find any lights we cared for. Stepping into a traditional lighting store full of hopes and the desire to find something very soon made us flee in overwhelmed frustration. This planted the seed for opening a lighting business, and six months later it was reality!

Tech Lighting Parallax

Inspired by a circuit board, the equal parts minimalistic and futuristic aesthetic of the new Parallax linear suspension by Tech Lighting is created by the ultra-thin profile of its aluminum and acrylic body which houses 30, asymmetrically-placed high-powered LEDs.


Hubbardton Forge Balance Collection

Celebrating our 30th anniversary this spring, I keep thinking back to the 1980′s when we opened our first showroom in Santa Fe – and when we started our wonderful working relationship with Hubbardton Forge.
In the heydays of “Santa Fe Style” the rustic, hand forged floor and table lamps, chandeliers and sconces fit right in.

We have all come a long way…
From traditional hand forged designs to what we now see emerging from Hubbardton Forge.
The Balance Collection is just one great example of the superb craftsmanship and design we have come to expect from Hubbardton Forge.

“The pure geometry epitomized in the work of mid-century modern masters like George Nelson and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy inspired the Balance family of portable lamps. Utilizing simple geometry in a dynamic counterbalance of form and light, the Balance collection offers a table lamp, LED task lamp, and a floor lamp with glass table surface. Offered in a choice of finish and shade options.”

-Hubbardton Forge


Helix by Hubbardton Forge

The Hubbardton Forge Helix family of fixtures combines contemporary LED technology and and simple minimalist acrylic diffusers with early twisted ironwork.
You can adjust the height of the pendants at installation to fit your needs.
The Helix LED Pendant Light combines early methods of twisted ironwork with cutting-edge energy efficient LED technology, resulting in a juxtaposition of forms that is quintessentially timeless. Its clean lines and minimalist acrylic diffusers give Helix a decidedly contemporary flair, while its selection of metal finishes make it a natural fit for any modern setting. Helix is slope ceiling adaptable to 45°, and offered with an adjustable cable and a circular canopy kit. Suitable for indoor damp locations. Provides ambient and diffused illumination.


Corona by Hubbardton Forge

The Corona collection shows the high quality, creative craftsmanship we have come to expect from Hubbardton Forge. With elegantly forged sweeps, scrolls, and tapers, Hubbardton Forge hand crafted chandeliers make bold statements in any setting. Ideal for dining rooms, bedrooms, and hallways, the Corona Chandelier is defined by elegance and simplicity – it creates a light that is both warm and welcoming. Offered with a selection of Hubbardton Forge metal finishes. Glass domes diffuse the light emitted from each of the halogen light sources. Slope ceiling adaptable to 90°. Includes an adjustable stem and round canopy kit. The large Corona is 29.2″ h. x 35.1″ d. and has incredible presence with its unique design. It takes 6 Halogen G9 40W lamps, plenty to illuminate a large foyer.


Bento by Hubbardton Forge

The Bento pendant is a striking combination of strong hand forged lines and origami inspired shades that diffuse the light to a soft glow. The Bento LED Pendant is a classic, hand-crafted contemporary fixture, capable of adding a refreshing new touch to an interior space. Bento combines modern materials with an organic, natural form, resulting in a pendant that posesses decorative flair even when switched off. The built in LED light sources make Bento suitable for a variety of applications, and its spun frost acrylic diffusers project soft and uniform illumination to the surrounding walls and surfaces below.

The award-winning Hubbardton Forge collection of transitional and contemporary pendants is one of the most distinctive in the industry. They draw their design inspiration from modern sculptural forms, yet possess a warm, organic quality of light that is comfortable in a wide range of settings.

( 4.7″ h. x 32.8″ d.)
This product is slope ceiling adaptable to 45 degrees. Cable hung fixtures can be used in both directions, but never exceeding the 45 degree slope.


Quill by Hubbardton Forge

The Hubbardton Forge Quill family mixes rectilinear and planar geometry with branching structures and feather-like plumes in a contemporary design. LED light sources and infinitely adjustable, horizontal and vertical cable hanging options make the pendant ideal for spectacular groupings or difficult to light spaces. Both the pendant and LED complimentary sconce are offered exclusively in Vintage Platinum finish.


Zhane by Tech Lighting

Tech Lighting has added several unique linear pendant lights to their collection.
The zhane pendant combines both hard and soft lines in this elegantly simple silhouette that equally suitable for both residential and commercial settings.
A bottom acrylic diffuser provides a glare free wash of light. A highly reflective inner white housing and two high output fluorescent lamps ensure this fixture performs as well as it looks.
Offered in 38″ which includes two 39 watt high output T5 linear fluorescent lamps or 2600 lumen, 3000K linear LED strips and 49″ which includes two 54 watt high output T5 linear fluorescent lamps or 3500 lumen, 3000K linear LED strips. Has a maximum drop length of 6 feet.


Ryker by Tech Lighting

The Tech Lighting Ryker pendant is elegantly simple yet visually complex. Its scale and silhouette combine to give a fresh take on large, warehouse-inspired design.  The spun metal shade is formed into varying angular planes to create depth and dimension.  Its crisp inflections are softened by a matte, rubberized finish to complete the modern industrial aesthetic.  Inside, an incandescent globe lamp or blown glass cover for the compact fluorescent option ensures the fixture is beautiful from every angle. Includes 120V, 150 watt G40 globe lamp or 32 watt GX24Q-3 base triple tube compact fluorescent lamp. LED version ships with one 120V, 19 watt A21 Philips LED lamp. Fixture provided with six feet of field-cuttable cloth cord to match finish selection. Incandescent and LED versions are dimmable with standard incandescent dimmer.


Surge by Tech Lighting

The Tech Lighting Surge linear pendant is stunning! The graceful force of ocean waves is captured as each of its individual bands gently undulates and combines to form a striking and powerful fixture—further enhanced by its ultra-slim LED profile.  Downward and upward facing LED strips provides downlight and uplight to create layers of illumination. To empower lighting designers to create unique applications, fixtures can be linked together end-to-end to create longer, continuous runs using optional Mechanical Connector. Includes 75 watts of LED (63 watts, 4200 net lumens of downlight and 12 watts, 800 net lumens of uplight), 3000K. Ships with six feet of field-cuttable cable. Dimmable with low-voltage electronic dimmer.

Minka Aire Kewl Ceiling Fan $99

Minka Aire Kewl Ceiling Fan $99

Just like with the purchase of a car – you do get what you pay for when you choose a ceiling fan.

The Porsches of ceiling fans are made of high quality materials and have strong precision motors that can move some air without noise and wobbles.
So, How do you determine which fan is better than the other?

Here are five things to look when choosing a ceiling fan:

Motor size

Blade pitch
Blade size
Ceiling Height

The airflow of a ceiling fan is measured in CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)
More is Better.
It is more important to buy a fan with higher CFMs than it is to buy a fan that uses less electricity, since it moves more air and cools you down more, allowing you to set the thermostat higher.
For average size rooms, we like to see ceiling fans that move at least 6000 CFM.
Larger rooms need more (or multiple fans.)
Smaller rooms can get away with less.

Motor Size
Choosing  a high-quality motor will eliminate the noise, wobbling, and shaking found in lower-end ceiling fans.
Motor sizes are identified by the diameter and the height of the motor. The measurements range from 153 x 10 millimeters up to 212 x 25mm. Bigger is better.

Blade Pitch
Cheap fans generally have fan blades that have a low pitch, since the motor can’t handle more.
A higher blade pitch (13 – 15) degrees will generally move more air, but the pitch of the blade and the power of the motor must fit together so the motor won’t burn out or the fan won’t be wobbly or  noisy.
Be careful of judging the quality of the fan based on blade pitch alone.
It is all about the ideal combination of motor size and blade pitch.

Blade Size
Small Room ( up to 75 sq. ft.) = 36″ diameter fan

b. Small/Medium Room (76-144 sq. ft.) = 42″-50″ diameter fan

c. Medium Room (144-225 sq. ft.) = 52″-54″ diameter fan

d. Large Room (225-400 sq. ft.) = 54″-72″ diameter fan

e. Great Room (400+ sq. ft.) = more than one 54″-72″ diameter fan

Ceiling Height

How High do I hang my Ceiling Fan?

How High do I hang my Ceiling Fan?



Factoid: Ceiling fans do not change the room temperature. They simply create a wind-chill effect that makes you feel pleasantly cool.
So, leaving the fan on when you leave will not cool the room.  Just like leaving the lights on will not make the room brighter.